Be aware when
serving guests with
food allergies as
restaurant manager!

Many restaurants are committed to meet the needs of guests who have special dietary requirements such as a food allergy and have recognized the importance of these issues. Be part of these more aware and careful catering organisations.

Around 2-8% of world’s population is suffering from food allergies; many of them are life-threatening. This means approximately 200-250 million people worldwide. 90% of food allergy incidents occur outside the homes (in cafés, restaurants, canteens, etc.), causing huge problems for those willing to travel and enjoy a safe meal abroad or in foreign cultures.

There seems to be a widespread ignorance and lack of knowledge within the catering industry about food allergies in general, although restaurants should be more aware and more prepared. There is still a lot to do for catering allergy sufferers to avoid symptoms and effects.

The risk of a food allergy attack is even higher when the local languages and food sources are unknown and discussion with restaurant staff is complicated.

We all know that communication is essential, although experiencing difficulties to communicate a food allergy with restaurant personnel can be very annoying.

Food allergy is a serious condition! Misunderstandings or hidden ingredients can cause serious reactions for your special quests who live with a mild, moderate, or even a severe food allergy.

For everyone - facing the challenges of food allergies – avoidance is top priority.

Be more aware when serving guests with food allergies as restaurant manager!

The Food Allergy Translate help sheets can be placed in your menu cards or under a plate. Therefore you can create better understanding with the millions travelling to a foreign country where native languages can cause communication problems. Food allergy alerts can now be automatically translated into 33 languages of their choice.

Let us help you to become more food allergy aware in your restaurant and serve better your special guest to get the message across!

Upload your own logo and the address of your restaurant, then simply print out your Food allergy translate help sheet. Now you can place these predesigned help sheets anywhere in your restaurant. Therefore guests with food allergies can enjoy a safe meal or achieve better understanding. A great tool to increase your corporate social responsibility as well...

You only need to download the files once then you can use your own help sheets for unlimited time.

And it is not all! If you let us know that your restaurant is using our Food Allergy Translate help sheets then we can put your contact details into our online database as a „Recommended restaurant for special quest with food allergies”.

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